All You Need to Know About France


France has many holiday destinations to offer, from the short trip to Calais from Dover, or to the more luxurious and romantic Paris, or go down south to visit the city of Lyon.

France is the top European destination in the world for foreign tourists, for its cultural interest, seaside and ski resorts and the beauty on offer around the countryside. Cities of great interest include Paris, Lille and Nice, each with their own individual attractions.

Getting To France

France has several ferry ports from departure points around Europe. The most popular ferry route is from Dover to Calais from the southeast of England to the northeast corner of France with lots to explore. From the southwest of England, you can travel from Plymouth to Roscoff, in the northwest corner of France. And from the central southern cost of England, you can catch a ferry from Portsmouth to Caen, Cherbourg and St Malo on the central north coast of France, slightly to the west. From any of these destination points you can move easily around France once there, travelling to other top destinations including Paris.

From London, you can catch the Eurotunnel direct to Paris, and from Calais to Folkestone. And don't forget you can fly over from England to France too! There are endless travel possibilities, so you


Without question the Eiffel Tower is the most-famous landmark in France. No tourist visits Paris without getting a view of the global icon and one of the most-recognisable structures in the world. The impressive tower stands at 324m tall and has been popular amongst

Another very popular tourist attraction is the Louvre Museum ' the most visited museum in the world, located in Paris on the right bank of the River Seine. The Louvre exhibits archaeological findings, drawings, paintings, sculptures and general work of art that have made it become so popular over the years since it was opened in 1793.

Just outside of Paris is the famous Palace of Versailles, a royal chateau in a suburb of Paris that was the centre of French political power from 1682.

The Mus'e d'Orsay, Arc de Triomphe and Centre Pompidou are just a few others of the many famous landmarks that France occupies.


The French have a wide range of delicacies on offer.

Frogs legs are a popular cuisine that can be found in restaurants all over France. Down south they are often prepared with garlic and delicately prepared, but whichever region of France you are in they are a must to really experience the French cuisine. Boiled snails are a similar and popular cuisine with tourists outside France. Similar because they are a creature not commonly associated as food in most cultures.

Foie Gras is a delicacy made from the liver of a duck or goose that has been specially fattened, originating in Strasbourg.

The very thin pancake knows as a Crepe is popular amongst tourists, particularly in the Brittany region of France where it originated. A variety of special crepes can be tasted throughout France with fillings that can include anything from fruit to meat. Stalls specifically serving Crepes are a quick option from the more formal method of visiting a restaurant.

France is also producers of some of the finest cheeses and wines.


As with any country, France has a vast range of shops and shopping centres around, selling just about anything you may be looking for. More famously, Paris has three main flea markets situated around the old gates of the city. It goes without saying, similar shops can be found in many cities in France and that it depends on which city you visit as to what shops and stalls they offer. But you're always guaranteed to find several tourists gift shops selling traditions of that region.


The climate in France varies from each region. On the north part of France, there is a varied climate, while the west coast receives a high level of rainfall in the winter and warm summers. The central of France receives more continental weather with hot summers and colder winters.


You can find very cheap travel prices from the United Kingdom to France, via land, sea or air. Cheap accommodation is available around France, as to are restaurants and bars if you look in the right places. However the capital city, Paris is one of the most-expensive in the world and tourists have been known for being overcharged in restaurants.