Dover to Calais ferry crossing

The French ferry port town of Calais is a quick journey from the south coast of England from Dover.

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Calais is a popular day trip or weekend break amongst families, the elderly and even for school trips from the south of England.

If you are considering a trip to Calais, here are some sights you may want to visit:

Calais Town Hall

The Town Hall is located in the centre of town and is one of the most impressive attractions on offer.  Boasting a fabulous design and an elegant clock tower which can see from many parts over town.  The front garden displays artwork throughout the  year which is another attraction to the Town Hall.

Parc Richelieu

A short distance from the Town Hall and over the Jacquard Bridge stands the beautiful Parc Richelieu.  This small park offers a perfect setting for relaxation on a hot summer's day.  A War Memorial statue stands at the front entrance.

War Museum

The Calais War Museum is located in Parc Saint Pierre - opposite the Town Hall.  On offer are insights into World War II.  For a small fee of €6 to enter, there are 20 rooms displaying objects and photographs depicting the war, as well as a series of interesting, interactive displays.

Calais Lighthouse

One of the tallest structures in Calais is the Lighthouse.  A short distance from the ferry terminal and Fort Risban, the Calais Lighthouse has 271 steps to climb to reach the top for a great view of the Channel and rest of town.  €2.50 entrance fee.

Fort Risban

Beyond the Bassin du Paradis is Fort Risban.  There isn't a great deal that remains of the fort that came under siege from Edward III of England's army in 1346, but Fort Risban makes up part of the history of Calais and that itself makes it well worth a visit during your stay.


Several monuments and statues are scattered around Calais commemorating the town's history.  Amongst these include Rodin's bronze masterpiece of the Six Burghers of Calais (standing outside the Town Hall), and opposite that is the Remembrance Monument.  There is also a monument dedicated to airman Gilbert Brazy, and nearby that is the Pluviose monument.  You'll find several others around town each with their own historic value.

Calais Monuments

Fine Arts and Lace Museum

For a €3 entrance fee, works from Rodin (including an insight into his famous Six Burghers of Calais monument) can be found inside the Calais Fine Arts and Lace Museum.  Other works inside include Pablo Picasso and Dubuffet and is located close to the Town Hall, opposite Parc Richelieu.

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Dover to Calais ferry time (P&O Ferries)

Average Sailing Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes
Number of sailings from Dover: Up to 46 crossings per day
Sailing times: 01.15, 01.50, 03.20, 03.25, 04.25, 04.50, 05.30, 06.40, 08.30, 09.25, 10.20, 11.10, 13.00, 13.55, 14.50, 15.40, 17.30, 18.25, 19.20, 20.15, 22.15, 23.15, 23.55