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The main French Ports are Bordeaux, Calais, Le Havre, Marseille and Rouen.

Le Havre

Map of Le Havre

The port of le Havre is situated at the mouth of the Seine, on the Channel. It was founded in 1517 by king Fran£ois 1st, for both military and trading purposes. It was positioned as a business port since the beginning of the 19th century. In the early twenties, its nautical capacities were enlarged for transatlantic passenger traffic.

Le Havre is the first Northern European port to be reached from the Ocean and offers the fastest shipping times towards other continents: Casablanca in 4 days, New York in 7 days, Rio de Janeiro in 13 days and Singapore in 16 days.


Map of Bordeaux

The Port of Bordeaux can be found in the heart of town on both banks of the Garonne river. The left bank is dedicated to cruise liners and military vessels. The right bank, has a vocation for imports.

BASSENS is the main terminal, with 40% of the total traffic. BASSENS is able to receive large ships. Besides, it is connected by rail to the national and international networks, by road to Paris, Toulouse and Spain highways and by river to Toulouse and the Mediterranean Sea.


Map of Marseille

The Port of Marseilles Authority includes the Eastern Harbour Area (i.e the Port of Marseilles itself) and the Western Harbour Area (BERRE, PORT de BOUC, LAVERA, FOS and PORT-ST-LOUIS-du-RHONE). Its advantages make it one of the most important ports in southern Europe.

Thanks to its location and facilities, the Port of Marseilles appears as one of the best distribution centers for Southern Europe and Mediterranean countries.


Map of Rouen

Rouen's situation as an estuary port puts it in a good strategic position on the European market. For ship owners, the Port of Rouen is a rich and diversified freight area. For manufacturing companies, it is a fine quality logistics site.

Sailing into the very heart of the country has 2 advantages :

  • Transportation by sea costs 30 times less than by land
  • It also relieves the rail and road traffic, thus bringing a good protection to the environment.

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