What To Do in Calais

On a nice day in Calais, there is an opportunity to take a walk around and see all the attractions on foot. Here is a guided walk for you take:

Departure point: Fort Risban

Fort Risban is approximately a 20 minute walk from the Calais Ferry Terminal. Beside the fort there is an erected statue in memory of Airman Gilbert Brazy. Brazy was the pilot on board Latham 47 with two passengers who set off from Tromsø, Norway on 18 June 1918 and never made it home.

Opposite the statue is a large roundabout hosting the Pluviose Monument. This sculpture pays tribute to the tragedy of the sunken submarine, Pluviose. This monument was built by Émile Oscar Guillaume in 1912 and inaugurated on 22 June 1913. It commemorates the May 1910 disaster of the submarine Pluviose which accidentally sunk off the beach after it was rammed by the Pas de Calais steamship, taking the lives of 27 crew members.

Cross back over the Henri Henon Bridge and turn left onto Boulevard des Allies. The Bassin du Paradis is often full of little boats and the Calais Chamber of Commerce, a red brick building is on your right. If you continue walking in the direction of the Lighthouse straight ahead, you will pass the Louis XVIII Column and a monument dedicated to a former mayor of Calais, Léon Vincent. Continue down this road and then you will pass the Church of the Maritime Courgain. Opposite this is the Lighthouse. You can enter the Lighthouse for €2.50 to get a view over the city.

Then take the Rue Rivet to the quayside. Here you will find a monument dedicated to the Sea Rescue Service.

Head back towards Place d’Armes via Rue Jean Noël Dubout, onto Rue du Seigneur de Gourdan to check out the Royal Reservoir and the Notre Dame Church.

Head down the Rue de la Paix behind you to the intersection with Rue Royale to the site of the Old Belfry. On your right is the old Watchtower.

This road brings you onto the Rue Richelieu, where you can visit the famous Fine Arts and Lace Museum. There is a €3 fee to enter. From here, you can also view the War Memorial which is situated on the main street at the entrance of Parc Richelieu. The park itself is a beautiful attraction.

Cross the bridge onto Boulevard Jacquard into the town centre and visit the Town Hall. The building is impressive itself, whilst the front garden is occupied by artwork throughout the year. The last time we visited, impressive work by Laurence Jenkell was on display, as shown in the photos.

Here you can view Rodin’s bronze statue of the Six Burghers of Calais. This statue, erected on 3 June 1895, is dedicated to the six men who offered their lives to save the survivors from the siege by Edward III of England in August 1347. Opposite, across the road is the Remembrance Monument and the Parc Saint Pierre where the War Museum is situated.